The 2022 Application Portal is now closed.

Flathead County Search & Rescue will resume applications on

November 1st, 2023

for our next recruiting class!  We hope to see you then!

North Valley Rescue Application


Yearly Membership Process for FCSAR Applicants:

  1. Application: From November 1st to January 31st the application will be available on sar911.com.  Fill out the application at the link above and mail it with a check for $25 to the address on the application or use the Venmo QR tag to the right.  If you use Venmo, be sure to note it on your paper application.
  2. Background Check: The Flathead County Sheriff's Office will complete a background check based on your application
  3. Interview: If selected, the New Member Committee will contact you in January or February for an interview.  Do not expect a call before then.
  4. Recommendation: The Committee will present a "for" or "against" recommendation to the FCSAR Board regarding your membership application
  5. Probationary Membership: Once voted on and approved by the FCSAR Board, you are then granted Probationary Membership status for one year
  6. SAR Basic Training: 1.5 days of classwork & 1.5 days of field training overnight, typically scheduled in late April or Early May
  7. Member In Good Status: After one year of active status and meeting the minimum criteria (below) you will be voted on by the general membership to the status of a MIGS

Minimum Requirements for FCSAR:

  1.  3 Meetings attended per year
  2.  3 Trainings attended per year
  3.  1 Mission attended per year