Yearly Membership Process for FCSAR Applicants:

  1. Application: From November 1st to December 31st the application will be available on sar911.com or by emailing fcsar911@gmail.com.  Please submit the application and application fee either online or by mail. You may also use our Venmo QR for the application fee. If you use Venmo, be sure to note it on your paper application. You must be a resident of Flathead County and be able to make all onboarding training.
  2. Background Check: The Flathead County Sheriff's Office will complete a background check based on your application.
  3. Interview: If selected, the New Member Committee will contact you in January or February for an interview.  Do not expect a call before then. All interviews must be done in person. 
  4. Recommendation: The Committee will present a "for" or "against" recommendation to the FCSAR Board regarding your membership application.
  5. Probationary Membership: Once voted on and approved by the FCSAR Board, you are then granted Probationary Membership status for one year.
  6. SAR Basic Training: 1.5 days of classwork & 1.5 days of field training overnight, typically scheduled in late April or Early May.
  7. Member In Good Status: After one year of active status and meeting the minimum criteria (below) you will be voted on by the general membership to the status of a MIGS.

Minimum Requirements for FCSAR:

  1.  3 Meetings attended per year
  2.  3 Trainings attended per year
  3.  1 Mission attended per year

The 2024 Application Portal is now closed!

Thank you for applying to be a part of life saving operations in the Flathead County! The next application session will begin in November 2024. 

  We hope to see you soon!