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Flathead County, Montana, lies toward the northwest corner of the state and encompasses a total area of 5,256 square miles, including 158 square miles of water, in the form of lakes, reservoirs, and rivers. The west side of Glacier National Park also lies within Flathead County.

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Northwest Montana is an outdoor recreationist's paradise year round. Consequently, the need for Search & Rescue (SAR) resources is significant. Two agencies serve this vast area: Flathead County Search and Rescue, based in Kalispell, and North Valley Rescue Association, based in Columbia Falls. 

Dispatched through the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office, SAR responders are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days per year to provide assistance to missing or injured persons within Flathead County and the surrounding region.  Whether the search area is in the wilderness, the rural countryside, or a residential neighborhood, SAR personnel are prepared to respond. Specialty teams include:  Canine (K9) Search and Rescue Teams, Swiftwater Rescue, Mountain Rescue, Ice Rescue, and Man Tracking.