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 General trainings are on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7pm. 

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Dick Walsh, former Sheriff and founder of Flathead Search and Rescue, was one of these friends.  He organized a group of locals and a new search began.  After tearing apart 3 logjams, Bob's body was found by Jack Von Linderd, Don Elgin and Deputy Sheriff Ken Sorley. 

From this success the group decided to organize a new search and rescue organization.  This group met as a private group until 1972 when they completed incorporation papers and became a 501c(3) corporation.  

Member and Volunteer Information:

North Valley Rescue Association's meetings are on the 1st Tuesday of each month. 

General membership meeting 7pm


History of North Valley Rescue Association

In July 1970, Flathead Search and Rescue spent three days searching for the body of Bob Personett.  They combed the river bank and divers searched the deep pools.  Then search efforts only involved daily boat trips.  After 29 days the boy's father looked, in desperation, for help from friends.